Award of the B.A.U.M. Environment and Sustainability Prize 2020 to Alexander Hofmann, Member of the Board of Directors and Shareholder of the WIEGEL Group

Hamburg – On 25.9.2020, the B.A.U.M. | Environment and Sustainability Award 2020 was presented in Hamburg’s Hafencity. As already reported, Alexander Hofmann, member of the board of directors and shareholder of the WIEGEL Group, is one of the award winners. Through his consistent actions in the company, he has shown that climate protection is an innovation driver. He is thus a role model for industrial SMEs and was allowed to accept the B.A.U.M. | Environment and Sustainability Award 2020 in the category “Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” for his commitment.


The business network B.A.U.M. awarded the Sustainability Prize 2020 last Friday. As already reported, Alexander Hofmann – board member and shareholder of the WIEGEL Group – is among the award winners. The prize is awarded to personalities who show exemplary commitment to climate and resource protection.

In her video message at the award ceremony, Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze emphasised the importance of role models: “In order to realise the goal of climate neutrality, we need committed companies and private individuals who dedicate themselves to climate and resource protection, who demonstrate that it works in practice, and that the economy and society benefit from it”. In this context, she paid tribute to the commitment of the award winners: “You are providing this proof in your companies, and I thank you for this tailwind.”

B.A.U.M. Chairman Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege also pointed out the achievements of the award winners in climate and resource protection and at the same time warned: “As a society as a whole, we have already lost a lot of time in the urgently needed transformation to sustainability. The three fundamental goals are: De-carbonisation, de-materialisation, re-naturalisation. The companies honoured here today have already taken considerable steps on this path – some are even climate-neutral. But they also show the enormous additional opportunities of climate and resource protection: reduction of costs, more innovation, positive effects on the workforce and the environment.”


The B.A.U.M. Environment and Sustainability Award 2020


Alexander Hofmann (m.) at the award ceremony; Photo © Frank Erpinar


B.A.U.M. Award Certificate 2020


B.A.U.M. Prize: A hippo sculpture by a Shona artist from Zimbabwe.


(from left to right) Christian Faggin, Prof.

Dr. Franz-Theo Gottwald, Dieter Brübach (B.A.U.M.), Lothar Hartmann, Prof. Dr. Maja Göpel, Prof. Dr. Maximilian Gege (B.A.U.M.), Alexander Hofmann, Uta Mühleis, Martin Oldeland (B.A.U.M.), Patricia Siebel; Photo: © Frank Erpinar


About B.A.U.M.

The Bundesdeutscher Arbeitskreis für Umweltbewusstes Management (B.A.U.M.) e. V. was founded in 1984 as the first non-partisan environmental initiative of the business community. Today, with over 500 members, it is a strong network for sustainable management. B.A.U.M. supports its members in questions of corporate environmental protection and sustainable management. The focus is on practice-oriented exchange of experience and service.


B.A.U.M. Award Winner Portrait Alexander Hofmann (in German)

Published: 25. September 2020