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WIEGEL is a family business that was founded 1950 by Hans Wiegel who set up in a small smithy. From the outset, Hans Wiegel focused on the principles of human interaction. Thanks to its commitment to development, the WIEGEL Group has become one of the most successful in the hot-dip galvanising sector in Europe.


WIEGEL past and present

Our tradition is based on continuous development and progress

We share with our customers the values that we have embodied from the very beginning – professionalism, customer proximity and environmental awareness. Our commitment to the environment is reflected in all our products and services: stringent waste disposal and recycling management is part of our everyday work.

The world we operate in today is constantly evolving, and we have to adapt to changing requirements with a focus on both creativity and operational readiness. At the same time, however, we remain true to our tradition, adhering to certain codes of conduct and respecting all the rules of working life. We create a pleasant working environment in which everyone can express their ideas freely and feel fully respected. This enables our team to help shape the company and take on responsibility – without compromising on our exemplary service quality.

Easy-to-understand price system

 At WIEGEL, you always receive a customised offer tailored precisely to your component and workpiece. In other words, we do not restrict ourselves to specifying prices in kilos, but always take your particular situation into account, including all the preparatory and finishing stages, transport, commissioning, etc.

 Take advantage of our experience. As early as in the design and preparatory stages, alternatives can often be found that help you to avoid unnecessary expense and, consequently, to save costs. Your local Wiegel contact is looking forward to hearing from you.

T The commodity price for zinc is a key factor in calculating the price of hot-dip galvanising and, over time, is subject to major fluctuations. Under the navigation item “Zink price”, you will find a regularly updated graphic representation of the development in the price of zinc.

Zinc price


Fire protection through hot-dip galvanizing

Steel structures without additional fire protection measures often do not offer the required fire resistance class of R30 (formerly F30), which requires sufficient load-bearing capacity for at least 30 minutes in the event of a fire. This requires additional passive fire protection measures for the steel structures.


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Pioneering and special

For decades, the WIEGEL Group has been providing first-class construction and corrosion protection services to local, national and international clients. Our team is proud to have been involved in a variety of impressive projects and to be able to present a selection of these results to you.