Just as with the galvanising process, careful preparation is key in powder coating to ensure a high-quality surface. The choice of sandblasting or chemical pre-treatment depends on the surface.


In the coating stage, the material is coated with a layer of powder to protect it from corrosion and abrasion. The coating is applied precisely to ensure that all the components of the material are given the same protection.


After coating, the material needs to crosslink. This curing process usually takes place in an oven. The heat melts the powder coating and forms an even protective layer. The material must then be cooled down. Depending on the application, this can be done either mechanically or by natural air drying.

Thanks to our expert employees on site and the use of high-quality powder, we can ensure a sustainable and effective result that protects your steel from corrosion and rust, just like galvanising.


Our DIN-certified coating inspector (paint instructors)
will advise you on material selection and preparation. WIEGEL Group employees with FROSIO Coating inspector Level III certification are also on hand. This means WIEGEL is authorised to carry out all paint inspections. Simply talk to your local WIEGEL consultant!