Galvanised animals in Wiegel Žebrák

Sustainable blacksmithing by upcycling steel scraps: the company Hefaistos Prague produces new art objects from steel scraps. Wiegel Žebrák was part of the project, in which animals of all kinds were galvanised.

A particular highlight of Hefaistos Prague are the artistic animal figurines made from recycled steel scraps. These unique works of art are not only a testament to master craftsmanship, but also to the sustainable use of resources. The variety of animals of different species impresses and fascinates in equal measure. The galvanised surface also gives the steel creations an attractive appearance and protects them from external influences.

In this project, various animal figures such as elephants, owls, tigers, crocodiles and life-size rhinos were produced and galvanised. These impressive works of art show the diversity and creativity of the craftsmanship.


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