A double helix for Bad Rappenau

On the occasion of the 2008 state horticultural show, a new attractive link was created between the north-eastern residential areas of Bad Rappenau.






The Salinensteg stair tower creates a link between the parks, for spa guests, walkers and people living in the north-eastern residential quarters of Rappenau. The stair tower incorporates a glass lift and spiral staircases running in the opposite directions to each other (double helix) and, with a height of 14.5 m, it also provides a vantage point with attractive architecture.

Builder: Landesgartenschau Bad Rappenau 2008 GmbH
Steel construction: Stahlbau Urfer, Remseck-Aldingen
Hot-dip galvanizing: Wiegel Stuttgart Feuerverzinken GmbH