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Hot-dip galvanising is a matter of trust

Freshly galvanised parts all look the same at first glance. But what you will perhaps only see after a few years depends on the care, instinctive feeling and the level of craftsmanship. It is the knowledge, the skill and the experience that flow into the overall process that ultimately determine the long-term quality.


with qualified advice. Experienced galvanising and corrosion protection technicians support you in all matters with regard to galvanising-compatible design and the optimum material properties.


Thorough preparation and finishing workflows geared precisely to the respective component ensure perfect quality and problem-free downstream processing. This includes e.g. the finishing of connecting and mounting surfaces, the recutting of threads and the preparation of weld seam areas.


 the WIEGEL collection and delivery service, which picks up your components punctually from your premises and delivers them just as punctually and reliably back to you or to the construction site. And care also includes the error-free sorting, marking and commissioning.


and numerous certifications including of course the definitive DIN EN ISO 1461 that governs hot-dip galvanising underscore Wiegel’s commitment to quality. And thanks to ongoing further training and our own training system, we ensure that all employees are kept up to date.